Sunday, September 2, 2012

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Recorded LP own pocket? Later when my fame back, be sure to properly thank the savior.
The fleet very will fast sail Tom there, I ride a vehicle is a big Buick, can accommodate up to seven people. Tom they were very See in the car after I was relieved that the scars on the big Frings eyes, ask them when these people are very warm.
The way people are silent,wholesale nba jerseys, without a word, as if nothing worthy of exchanges like each other. Primary responsibility, I am a person and made everyone feel very bad.
Finally came to the airport, I simply disguised it as they enter the waiting room. Tom comes to the United States his help solve no problem, green card for sure. Frings and Thomason did not need a visa,fake oakley sunglasses, which under the arrogant, a pride in their own country.
Those who slips me a big suitcase, told me that the airport has to take care of, no one will embarrass me this way, I feel at ease to enter the.
I think I embarked on the aircraft when the abnormal heavy footsteps, although this can delude ourselves that before leaving for the cause, but I was clearly the case, if not for the refugees, I am afraid that this trip can not be determined, I is not a hero characters, but I also want to go decent, but now I am afraid that is the most awkward time in my life to travel.
On the plane, I looked at the machine out of the window of the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong in mind, I swear, I - Cheung Chi Yan, will be loaded with honors returning.
At first I did not pay attention to, immersed in the sadness of parting, let Tom lead the way in the front. Situation seemed wrong to be on the very aircraft, they led me to wear to wear to the mean half a day without taking a seat.
You this in the end is how ah? How to find a seat to sit down? Thomason shook his head, My heart is a cool, mysterious figure not to be kidding me. Jumping up and down, but so is not the answer, so Tom got the stewardess.
The stewardess looked beautiful eyes, tall, flesh shapely, few foreigners have distracted.
but flashed a suspect.
Few of us timidly ticket and gave it to her students afraid of really fake tickets. If that's the case, this time face thrown into the house, the air marshals caught remand Johnson killed back to the ground, perhaps even held a news conference to vigorously criticized, think I felt miserable ah.
But really fake tickets, then the empty check how may

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