Monday, December 10, 2012

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d, and these guys, always a problem, I do not know if they would give me later stir up any trouble,mens north face jackets.
Subsequently, a group of restless titular powerful deterrent that I successfully passed FANS surrounded but unfortunately
?They are files in the aircraft below,cheap north face jackets, I am the only one taking advantage of the chaos on the plane.
On the plane, I heard bad rumors Sir David turned to withdraw investment in the New Territories Film City, no smoke without fire, no one in Hong Kong for no reason libelous Lijia Lijia an anything happens throughout Hong Kong's economy will be seriously ill a, it seems to go back to Hong Kong, I have to look it up this matter seriously.
Returning to the Hong Kong so beautiful Just off the plane when faced with a sea of ??people FANS team, I know that I am still a favorite of their hearts.
Asia's three major newspapers today published my mood diary, on my recent trip this time a general account, so long as access to the message FANS flock to Hong Kong International Airport to there again in Japan FANS most crazy day today alone have more than one hundred thousand Japanese flew to Hong Kong.
Airport scene today have several degrees out of control, after all, such a small space to accommodate three hundred thousand FANS seemed more difficult, but fortunately the Hong Kong SAR Government With adequate preparation, they mobilized in Hong Kong more than half of the police troops to maintain order at the airport, there is the SAR garrison also received notice of the above, ready to attack. subse

Monday, December 3, 2012

cheap northface jackets unceremoniously sent to the mouth ravenously

e appears again in the tree opposite me, and of moving meditation method, I finally, through the sunset, look at the thief.
It is a 11-year-old little boy, very handsome, and a look of innocence, how looks nothing like a professional thief
His body
?, This little guy is not grab End run, and often sitting opposite me a tree, and I 大眼瞪小眼.
A fragrant papaya gently drink porridge readily fling a Dai children personally I smoked bacon fly toward the boy, the boy You're welcome, comfortable leaning against a tree from about 20 meters away the Shucha Shang, one hand holding a papaya porridge, single-handedly took over my bacon, unceremoniously sent to the mouth ravenously, then ... goes pretty face, raised the extreme expression of happiness .
Contact one week, but I generally understand, this boy is basically a wild man, though a few simple language, but want to understand which to express himself, he apparently also need to learn too much.
Upward cup papaya, porridge drink it, I slowly stood up, facing the treetops of the boy replied: Grab,north face on sale! Grab!
Boy smiles issued two simple pronunciation, feet cheap nfl a force, whizzed Qing Xiang, they could not find his figure, hey ...... if I can have this mobile speed ?
Shook his head,denali pink ribbon jacket, I am not going to continue to want to go to start my afternoon practice, light envy not the way to efforts to work in this direction is the only correct approach.
Two weeks quickly passed, and this week, my attack mode once again shaking changes, move ... I secretly learning that Savage