Wednesday, October 17, 2012

d rose basketball shoes after all

n my teacher to send my Apprentice Master of the red robe, hands the Quebracho Staff, embarked on a journey, now I have a Master, ha ha ... ... is only fireball magic trainee Master!
Master is a very rare career, is the magic hard to learn, two ... the magic of the school will charge high tuition fees, and most people can not afford, such as Lang-off Liduosite my Ha honey Hagen, a year's tuition is $ 100 Amethyst, I will never learn not afford.
Of visiting back and forth between the various cities swam slowly toward the fragrance empire border rely on to our fighting position is the border area, but in fact is not really the border, only one relying on the border relatively close to the big city.
A week later, I arrived at a big city - leaning against Greentown, which is a sunrise to half the medium-sized cities, but because it is a border region, so the idea is very busy, not like sunrise City as depression, but No wonder, after all, Sunrise City are fighting, who nothing to go there,d rose basketball shoes.
Into the city when it is noon, my first thing is to find a pub, not only provides some simple food, spicy wine you can drink!
I've been unconsciously in love with wine, it really is a good thing can make you forget all your worries, and ...... wine stimulation of the body to release the pain inside.
But ...... drinking not what I came here the main objective, pubs, is the most developed areas in a message, as long as a glass of wine, then sit in the corner, only for a time, the information you want will be automatically sen

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