Sunday, October 28, 2012

cheap oakley backpacks front Zhajie command gave the order

allows to escape the Turks cavalry to connect the three battles lost,oakley reading glasses, the steppe desert aspect invincible Zhajie mighty face no deposit
Zhajie can not beat Young wind in the strategy the art of war, but Turkic cavalry suffered heavy losses, so he tried along the way brought together four hundred thousand troops to force the front of the Sui army fierce fighting at every step, every level to promote positive fierce fighting, although it will pay a heavy price, but his confidence in the Turkic soldiers in the combat effectiveness hint of cruel smile on his face, cold eyes far looking at the of Yumenguan behind undulating hills, where vaguely filled with bursts of fog, when the storm of the Turkic army of today, that is, Young wind breakage. when!
Turkic war broke the shaking of the horn, front Zhajie command gave the order, hundreds of thousands of Turks Knight Qi reminder car, in front of the soldiers carrying shields of Langtou behind the invincible light cavalry, the two wings is the world of riding and shooting invincible Turks longbow archer,cheap oakley backpacks, scores wing to kill, horseshoe bolted from the sky dust, like a tornado power of matchless, combined with the fast approaching from the sub-head left and right sides to the enemy division.
Flood of cavalry rapidly toward Yumenguan chariot in front of the square of heavy cavalry and armor flashing impinge Rulangsihu, dense horse hooves rippling, like a drum gongs, the sound of thunder, the momentum shock and engaging bundle Jay apparently overwhelming force, Thunderin

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