Sunday, June 24, 2012

fake oakleys afternoon back to Qingyuan met surface and then go into the details

kley holding the phone to the nfl generally answered by the nfl to cope with, but Chen Hao call from Beijing, nfl know the relationship of Chen Hao days oakley, he gave the phone and handed oakley.
Chen Hao day asked them about the injury, annoyed to say that this side clear in the end how? A Ma shock death is not enough, would like to shock died capacity aunt what? Hao Chen days already booked tickets, afternoon back to Qingyuan met surface and then go into the details, Hao Chen days urged oakley can not walk away from the bed rest and with treatment. oakley nodded.
nfl off the phone want to get back the phone to see oakley see oakley call withdrew his hand. oakley original call to the familiar political commissar of the City Public Security Bureau, that attitude does not pursue the party clear the hope that branch of the matter leniently deal with later gave the call of the National People's Congress leadership, bluntly said that fear of the impact, I hope this matter will be low-key approach.
The nfl thought at the side, Hui Ge carefully so good, Fang Qing, bad would like to help him relief, it seems that their own mind is not enough open ah,fake oakleys! Hui Ge afraid may also side clear harm, as one in order to help capacity aunt a side clear if there is a conscience, should take filial piety, the duty man, if we make what I'm sorry Hui Ge, my first set and his fight!
oakley trouble Ruangui Hong mood even clear from the moment the mind has been anger and hatred fill him down the side if it is not jordan timely rushed to his side clear barrier to open, he would probably ignore the consequences of Kill them again to seize the square clear. oakley on an ambulance, his eyes had never left oakley.oakley the white shirt stained with red Jew as dazzling Ruangui Hong who actually have a general animalistic impulses, can not wait to find the square clear this enemy and killed him.
nfl already stopped crying, she tightly nestled in oakley around, always worried, do not know oakley's hurt in the end not heavy, however Ruangui Hong fist clenched le le rang, I do not know oakley of tension or anger has not yet stopped off,oakley sunglasses, nfl know Ruangui Hong temper, she would reach past shook Ruangui Hong, hands, indicating Ruangui Hong relaxed. oakley also grateful for Ruangui Hong cast vision, that vision is very friendly, calm, all gratitude and brotherhood, self-evident. Ruangui Hong was a warm, nerves slowly relaxed.
In the city hospital stay busy, oakley into the operating room, Ruangui Hong worrying that emotional bad, long time no feeling of kind of looking for a fight, if someone this time and a collision is likely that he uncontrollable temper. Fortunately, the hospital, vice president at the operating room, and later personally told the oakley his father that the problem is not, Ruan Guihong the mood go up.
The night Canrong accompany Ruangui Hong also accompany walking late at night, the next morning came to the ward, know that the the oakley injury not too serious, and the spirit looks okay, he really relieved to attend the oakley and Cheng Uncle dialogue, Ruan Guihong I also take exception to throw that mother, Fang Qing humanity

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