Saturday, June 2, 2012

nba official jerseys smiled back and a two-step looked at him and said

However, smile, open the door, sitting in the driver's seat.
The Zou Xiaojie just kept his head down Fangzhan Hong downstairs to after Fang Zhanhong toward Lin Yaxian on suddenly raised his head, looking at his back and standing near the vehicle's Lin Yaxian.
At this point, she was leaning against the railing on the corridor pillars Dianqi tiptoe, craned their necks, would like to see of Lin Yaxian the looks and her manner of speaking on Fangzhan Hong, good judgment about whether she is not Fangzhan Hong's girlfriend.
Buick finally slowly leaving her sight; girl reluctant to part of the body to lean forward a dump, and finally could no longer see the day the blue car, she stars as bright as the spring eye, and gradually the dim down ...
Lufthansa large hotels.
From the parking lot, both Fang Zhanhong and Linya Xian, Lin Yaxian looked at this car for a shirt Fangzhan Hong easily help him to fold the collar off, and patted his chest, smiled back and a two-step looked at him and said: The Shajiao Xiaoshuai ah? That is a considerable drop handsome ... Lin Yaxian white at him, said: The two all the way with a smile and walked to the hotel.
Lufthansa, they asked Mr. Xie Yunming the box set is on the fourth floor.
Waiting for the effort, Fangzhan Hong asked: so long been addicted to the extravagant habits. The Linya Xian is very useful for the rest smiled, lowered his head to go coursing endless.
The elevator to the hostesses with two, came to the the Xie Yunming package box door.
Have not pushed the door into the house, I heard there came a burst of hearty laughter, Fang Zhanhong to Wensheng know people secretly nod - and laughed so generous and cheerful, full unfettered, at least should not be a sinister villains. ?
Opened the balcony door, an Qin Guo jasmine perfume the air-conditioning blowing.
Professor Xie Yunming choose this box antique wall was covered with a large piece of crystal glass, which is painted with a few years' figures, lifelike.
Three sides of the house wall are arrayed rattan wooden chair,nba official jerseys, covered with cool Myanmar jade mat; the middle of the room is stocked with a mahogany dining table, the Big Wheel is under the crystal texture, light reflection, turn up the eyes of Ambilight .
Theme table on the class of each sitting one, is chatting laughing.
A nature is the teacher of Lin Tong, another skinny, sharp to describe the refined old man, nature is the famous old professor of Xieyun Ming Xie, head of the Beijing Film Studio family of TSE.
Fangzhan Hong walked into this room, I saw the middle of the table on the turntable, put a pot of tea, hors d'oeuvres are not seen,new balance basketball shoes 4e, I feel pleased: It seems that the Xieyun Ming Xie always true to themselves as the main guests to entertain, but also comprehensive etiquette; like this industry tycoon, the dean of the education sector under a small staff that could be done

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