Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miami Heat Jerseys Small clerk

Store owner to a more happy: Ding Feiyu she smiled and politely said: Small clerk in his smile offensive blushed, nodded and hurry out of the door, just to see that the clerk standing at the door, blinking at them.
Dingfei Yu clerk followed by a small elevator down to the basement, Zuozhuanyouzhuan Shui for a few bends, was built in a corner to see the legendary line. This is actually a CCB the Daxing commercial business point, only one salesperson. Dingfei Yu shook his head: Ding Feiyu Not afraid to line up, in fact his most objectionable when queuing to take money, a group of people crowded around a little unkind to watch you lose your password.
Small clerk, silly, can not go line up for Ding Feiyu? Thought for a moment, then said: Dingfei Yu shook his head and seems into the construction of water line did pretty good,Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys, and outlets all over the place. Ordinarily into the water, an agricultural city,Miami Heat Jerseys, should ABC fishes ah, do not have mountains and the countryside? He pointed to the crowded counter next to the ATM machine alone: ​​The small clerk shook his head to follow him, not to say that can not, she did not know. Dingfei Yu know in 2001, such as into water, prefecture-level city, residents also rarely useful card habits ATM with the people is not easy to come up with failure. Went across to the surprised eyes of others waltz Fonseca, lost password,,,,,, get money!
Do not know since when a single ATM withdrawal limit raised to five thousand, anyway Dingfei Yu did not enjoy this treatment, it is now time two thousand. Dingfei Yu and sighs in the ATM in front of duplication of effort, but fortunately the date of withdrawal amount or twenty thousand, if the 5,000 Dingfei Yu have changed place.
Attached to take five, Ding Feiyu even the receipt did not fight, put the card back out, and not forget to complain to the small clerk: Small clerk smile, all in the hands of the small clerk.
Ding Feiyu back card, do not get back the money, very chic a wave: card Thanks to Ding Feiyu a good memory, actually useless small clerk lead the way to find the elevator. Small clerk, he led on the fourth floor, he saw Zhang Na was gone, and store it touches several people, listening to chat to say they each other, it seems that building shop. These people are surrounded by the words of Zhang Yu twitter, where the estimate is to find out so the bulk of the idiot

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